what if we invented a way to have an all inclusive global hivemind dreamworld where we lived in dreams and the impossible could happen. like you could fly or teleport and if you wanted a popsicle there would be one in the freezer. and everyone can make cool stuff like that happen in the dreamworld but only some people have the imagination and dreampower necessary to drastically alter the dreamworld (for better or worse). and because of the fantastic things that can happen in the dreamworld, everyone in the real world stays asleep for as long as possible. people stop going to school in the real world and they take sleeping pills and society crumbles and its like this weird dystopia/utopia dichotomy but

theres this one kid

who is an insomniac

and he gets made fun of for not having good dreampower and not being able to stay in the dreamworld for a long time because he keeps waking up

and everyones addicted to the dreamworld so no one in the real world cares about him

this is the story i made up while i was half awake this morning uwu

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